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News: A season wrap-up and announcement

Being just one week away from the end of another amazing wedding season it is time to say another long overdue hello. I tend to lay dormant throughtout the busy season and while some might argue that this should be my time to be most active on social media, this is my reason why: simply, family.

Each year I have the intention and expectation of posting more regulary (or posting at all) on social media outlets, but every year just the same my attention, time, and heart are pulled in another direction. Giving up nearly every weekend from May through to October for weddings during our fleeting days of nice warm weather the choice between soaking up life with my little family or giving up another minute to post on Facebook is an obvious choice for me. I spend every naptime, bedtime, and give up the occasional activity in the evening of my daughter's life to do my work and that is just fine with all of us. While it can get a bit tiring to feel as though I am spread thin around the clock during these busy months, I know that she will not be little forever and want to give as much of myself to her as I can...which also brings me to my announcement!

Not only will our daughter not be little forever, but she will not be the only child for much longer; another reason why I am feeling it is especially important to be as present as possible. We are expecting another sweet baby GIRL this upcoming December and we could not be more thrilled! Life will become a little bit busier and a whole lot sweeter! Morning sickness was not kind to me during the first few months of pregnancy but I have been now feeling great and am happy to pour more attention into her upcoming arrival now that wedding season is nearly done for the year.

2015 has been our busiest wedding season and most accomplished year yet, and personally a year full of excitement and change. I have undergone a complete rebrand, been published four times in fine art wedding blogs, travelled to California to attend the Erich McVey Workshop, participated in two successful bridal shows, and had a wedding season full of some of the most incredible couples to work with yet. In my own personal life I survived turning 30, found out we were expecting baby #2 - and even better another sweet little girl, our first daughter turned 4 in September and started preschool, and all throughout I finally felt I found balance and the time to really enjoy every minute of our beautiful summer with my family.

Life is sweet.

- Lisa

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