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Summer Maternity, Saskatoon Portrait Photographer

An excerpt from this shoot's publication in The Fount Collective, from expectant mother Kendra, "Being pregnant has been such a special season in our lives that there was absolutely no question that we would want to capture that with photographs and that we wanted Lisa to be our photographer. She had previously done our engagement and wedding photos so we already had a relationship with her. We loved the idea of having her capture all these amazing milestones in our lives. Having the existing relationship already, we were so comfortable and relaxed throughout the whole process and it resulted in absolutely beautiful photographs. Our experience having these photos done was so wonderful and allowed us to really bond and appreciate the journey through pregnancy that we have been on together. For me, carrying a baby has been a beautiful and amazing experience that was perfectly captured in the photos. I will be forever grateful that Lisa was able to capture this part of our life so flawlessly."

Saskatoon Maternity Photographer Lisa Catherine Photography
Saskatoon and Regina Maternity Photographer Lisa Catherine Photography
Couples Maternity Photography
Maternity Photography with dogs
Saskatoon Summer Maternity Photographer Lisa Catherine Photography


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