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Inspiration | Fine Art Weddings

It is often too easy for me to forget that while the fine art world plays such a big role in my everyday interests and lifestyle, for many of you not absorbed in this world, the whole fine art idea may be new to you. To answer a few commonly asked questions:

What is a fine art wedding?

A fine art wedding is an event that has come together full of harmony and balance. Nature often plays a role in the overall aesthetic bringing in the colours and textures of the outdoor landscape and involves artistic attention to quality details. A fine art wedding is often a collaboration of artists working together to realize their client’s vision with the appearance of effortlessness; yet involves a tremendous amount of time, heart, and effort. The memories that are formed in a fine art image evoke emotion and ignite the senses.

How can I include fine art elements on my wedding day?

Attention to detail and ensuring the style of your wedding day is recognized in every element of your wedding is important when curating a fine art wedding. A few elements to consider, but are not limited to, would include beautifully styled “undone” organic florals, dewy and fresh makeup accompanied by loose windswept hair enhancing your own natural beauty, invitation suites brought to life by the talent of a calligrapher, beautiful tablescapes, unassuming tailored attire, and a venue with impact, originality, and an abundance of light. Overall, the main goal is to create a cohesive experience that is both organic and timeless.

Who would you recommend for local fine art vendors?

We have been sifting through the community both locally and throughout the country to put together a list of vendors who we feel can help you reach your fine art wedding vision. Lisa Catherine 2017 wedding clients receive this extensive list of our favourite vendors to aid in their wedding plans.

all images: Lisa Catherine Photography


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